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Q: Is 3D printing expensive compared to traditional manufacturing processes?

A: 3D printing can save significant costs vs traditional manufacturing for rapid prototypes and also for production of complex parts or customised parts. It can save on machining labour costs and also expensive tooling. 

Q: How much does a one-off prototype cost to print?

A: Producing a single unit from print ready-files can cost as little as $120+gst. Large parts, parts requiring scanning or CAD design, mould manufacture and multi-step processes can cost up to $5,000.

Q:  Does 3D printing make real functional parts?

A:   Yes. 3D printed parts are produced for use in aerospace, transportation, audiology and medicine. 3D printing has come a long way with material availability - with high temperature, FDA certified and bio-compatible materials. 

Q: How long do 3D printed prototypes last?

A: It depends on the material used and function. It can last for years if taken care of, and kept away from UV light.

Q: What size products can you print?

A: Our bed sizes are roughly the size of an A4 page (250x250x240) in SLA and 2 A3 pages (320x320x400) in SLS. For anything larger we can print in segments and assemble. 

Q: Can you 3D print food industry products?

A: We have a food grade material, SLS Nylon 12, but due to it’s porosity care needs to be taken with bacteria collection.

Q: How many products can you print at one time?

A: We can print multiple variations of products, using the same material, at the same time, depending on how many fit on the build tray or build volume. We have multiple SLA machines, for example, so have the capacity to produce a high volume of parts, if required.

Q: Can you print 3D products for dentistry?

A: We can print dental surgical guides and tools with our clear SLA resin.

Q: What type of file do I need to provide to print from?

A: A binary STL file is the best for us but STP files work for us as well. We can work with other file types as well, let us know.

Q: How long does 3D printing take?

A: We can print the majority of products overnight, and definitely within a 24 -30 hour period. Finishing processes (post printing) can take an additional 2-3 hours depending on the part.