Our Processes

High detail, incredibly accurate, smooth finish, fast printing-perfect for prototyping.

For complex parts. 3D printed parts are strong, durable & flexible, with a rough surface.

Uses real thermoplastics which is perfect for functional testing. Good for compresive load parts. Not fine detail.

Strong, flexible, can take wear & tear, in a wide range of hardnesses. Cast in silicone moulds for 20-50 prints.

Excellent temperature resistance, including sterilisation. Flexible parts. Moulds can be used 50 times or more.

Uses polyurethane in a wide range of hardnesses. Perfect for fast production of 1-100 high quality parts.

Uses the latest SLA material to 3D print tooling suitable for short run injection moulding.

Print rigid and flexible part material together in one print. Asses suitability of form and feel before going on to other batch production methods or Rapid Molding.

3D prints recommended for additive manufacturing of highly corrosion-resistant industrial parts that require high temperature resistance.