About Us


Precision 3D Printing are experts in rapid prototyping, low volume manufacturing and production of high-complexity parts.

For 18 years we’ve been helping product designers and manufacturing engineers get their products to market faster.

P3P is led by Alicia Rayer and operations manager Luke Van Den Bos. Alicia has pioneered 3D printing in New Zealand and has a qualification of LCCIEB International Qualifications for English Business, Bachelor in Engineering & Diploma in Mass Communication with a major in Advertising. She also has more than 18 years business development and management experience.

Our production team are all engineering experienced and qualified. They’re experts in 3D printing and dedicated to helping you find the optimum solution for your application - from the wide variety of materials and processes available at P3P.


P3P has the largest commercial facility of SLA, SLS and FDM machines in New Zealand.
As well we provide polyurethane moulding, silicone moulding, mould & tool making, and 3D scanning services.


“Incredibly professional, with a great turnaround and high quality prototyping. A key supplier in our network, they add a lot of value to our own product design consulting work. P3P are our printing shop; a responsive, collaborative supplier always willing to work with us to achieve the best results for our clients"    

Nick Jones, Indemic


“They’re pretty reactive, whenever there are issues they can work on them quickly. They’re helpful with responding to our technical issues. We get consistent results, which is particularly important with geometrically intricate pieces”

Michael Peterson, Locus Research


"We’ve been working with them basically since they’ve started going, over 10 years ago. In fact we’ve been using them even more so in the last few years. The casting service is very good, we’re able to use different materials and surface textures. The turn-around is excellent, we often get parts built overnight.Jonathan has been very friendly and very helpful and is great in talking to you about your different options. He helps you look at different ways in which you can make parts.Greater varieties of parts, quality of parts, and the assembly of the parts always works out well”    

 Alastair McAuley, Medlands Consulting


“They’re very efficient, both in lead times and just generally with service. The team are easy to get hold of and to deal with, they’re all very knowledgeable. No complaints at all, P3P is all good.”

Cameron, Spincast Manufacturing