New Zealand’s leading 3D Printing Service

We were the first 3D printing service in NZ, starting back in 2001
We are the largest 3D printing service in NZ with 11 major machines
We are a mix of 3D printing graduates, other scientists and ‘old-school’ manufacturing professionals
We are proud to be Kiwi owned and run and your IP is safe with us
We do as much digital manufacturing as rapid prototyping – half of our volume is repeat short-run work
We offer different production priorities (and rates) from overnight to a fortnight
We have excellent relationships with niche providers for specialist products we don’t make here
We give great advice – we don’t just print your file as it is, we check it and optimise it


Why are we the leading 3D Printing Service in New Zealand?

We have the best techniques, giving you the best combination of resolution, detail or speed
We use high quality raw materials with the lowest proportion of recycled material
We have the best post-processing capabilities to provide smooth, clean product
We have the best pre-processing skills to print your product in the best way and cheaper
We have a very low failure rate due to professional machine maintenance and quality materials
We have the scale to meet substantial peaks in demand
We are not the cheapest – though we try to be the most efficient – because we produce a high quality product with excellent service
We are experts in rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing and production of high-complexity parts
We have learnt a lot in two decades of supporting NZ industry

Our Processes

Working With Us

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Latest news


EMEX 2020

P3P just had a very successful EMEX 2018 show which just ended recently and we will be back again in EMEX 2020, from 5-7th May 2020. We’re excited to share about our new capabilities processes – Rapid Moulding, Rapid Tooling, large format SLA & Metal Printing. We’re on stand number 3051. We look forward seeing […]

Southmach logo

Southmach 2019

P3P will again be exhibiting at SouthMach 2019, from 22-23rd May 2019. We’re excited about demonstrating the capabilities of our 3 new processes – Rapid Moulding and Rapid Tooling & Metal Printing. Not forgetting Large format SLA capabilities is something we will be showcasing. We’re on stand number 95 just inside the main doors. We […]

precision 3d printing - short run plastic parts


We’ve recently launched an exciting NEW product to the New Zealand market. Rapid Moulding is a fast and cost effective way to manufacture short runs of plastic parts – especially high detail or complex parts. It’s perfect for prototyping or as a pre-step before having to commit to high- volume injection moulding.

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